Motorcycle License Requirements for CONREP Students Who Hold An Out of State License

Connecticut's Motorcycle License Requirements for Residents Who Hold an Out of State License

No Motorcycle Rider Course completion information can be sent to the Connecticut Department of Motor Vehicles for any individual who holds an out of State license.

State Statute requires that once you have established residency in Connecticut, you have 30 days to transfer your out-of-state license to Connecticut.

All licensing requirements are governed by the Connecticut Department of Motor Vehicles (CTDMV).

Click here to access CT DMV’s licensing requirements

You may not operate a motorcycle in Connecticut until you obtain a motorcycle operator's endorsement.

After you have obtained a Connecticut license you must send a request to CONREP to have your motorcycle course completion information transferred to CT DMV.

This request must be emailed to

Your email request must include the following information and will be processed with in 14 days of receipt.

  1. First & Last Name (as it appears on your CT License) 
  2. Address 
  3. License Number 
  4. Date of Birth 
  5. Phone Number 
  6. Location & Date of Your Motorcycle Rider Course
  7. Reason for Your Request

Your email request must be within one year of course completion.

Once this information is received your data will be sent to CT DMV with in 14 days. After your data has been sent, you must return to CT DMV to continue the motorcycle operator's licensing process.

You may not operate a motorcycle in Connecticut until this process is completed.


All Students must  read the CT DMV Motorcycle Operators Manual 
and pass a DMV Knowledge Test before receiving a Motorcycle License.

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